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`đź‘»` Si Juki the Movie: Harta Pulau Monyet

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Si Juki the Movie: Harta Pulau Monyet

Si Juki the Movie: Monkey Island Treasure

  • 7.00
  • January 2024
  • 107 min

Amidst the family's financial difficulties, Juki finds a treasure map left by his ancestors. Along with Professor Juned, Babeh, and Emak, Juki embarks on an adventure to hunt for treasure on a mysterious island. Before getting sail, Juki meets and is assisted by a female treasure hunter named Susi. During their adventure, they must face various obstacles including a gang of pirates known as the Storm Pirates, monsters, monkey armies, and a curse that can cause extraordinary disasters. Will Juki succeed in obtaining the treasure?

  • Type:
  • Country:
  • Genres:
    Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
  • Release:
    June 2024
  • Production:
    Falcon Pictures
  • Cast:
    Faza Meonk, Indro, Jaja Mihardja, Maya Wulan, Wizzy, Megan Domani, Mandra, Rigen Rakelna, Andovi da Lopez, Windah Basudara, Tretan Muslim, Coki Pardede, Bryan Domani, Indra Jegel, Hifdzi Khoir, Sadana Agung
  • Tags:
    treasure, based on comic, sequel, pirate, monkey, comical, second part